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Donate your surplus and used medical equipment.

Donations of used, functioning or repairable medical equipment and medical supplies are needed for current and AOTA Medical Centers. If you are considering selling or otherwise disposing of your medical equipment that you are replacing or not using, please consider donation. Your surplus medical equipment will be used to open our medical centers and continue to provide medical services for the obese patient.


Used medical equipment and machinery should be in working order w/all cables, tubes, etc. and user manuals.

Please remember that AOTA is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your donation of equipment and supplies may be tax deductible. AOTA can arrange for pick up and transportation of donated materials that have been accepted.


We are currently in need of the foolwing equipment for our medical centers.

Examination chairs up to 300 lbs
Bariatric Treatment Table up to 600 lbs
Bariatric Power Treatment Table up to 800 lbs
Examination lamps
Heavy duty wheelchair 22", 24" seat width and up to 400 lbs capacity.
Ultrasound 3D color doppler with 3.5MHz, Convex transducer
EKG - Digital Three Channnels
Medicine carts 4 & 5 draws
Gym and Excercise equipment (wakers, Bicyle, stepers)

Labatory blood anylizers

Medical furniture such as , Labaratory cabinents, Office desks, Reception area furniture

Please contact us if you wish to donate your used surplus medical equipment to us.

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