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Participate and become an Obesity fighter

You can also help the get the word out at one of our events. AOTA organizes events such as:

biking event
golfing event
Biking against Obesity held in Long Island New York Abril 2007
Golf Tornment to raise funds in Raintree , Pemborke Pines Florida.

These year we will focus on developing new ways to participate and Join the fight!!!


Bike Race

Take part in this family event. AOTA invites the whole family to bring their bikes out for a one day community gathering against obesity. We organize these events in April and May across 5 cities across the country to bring attention to our fight against obesity. This event helps raise money and walk for prevention, education, treatment and research in obesity.

Annual Amateur Golf Tournament

Once a year we organize an amateur golf tournament to help raise funds. The tournament consists of 36 holes last one day. Last year’s tournament was held in Pembroke Pines Florida

We will anounce our upcoming events on this website. I would would like to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter which is conatins all upcomming events information.