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Membership Type:  Individual - Category 1 ($15)
Professional Provider - Category 2 ($75)
Obesity Specialty Clinic - Category 3 ($250)
Center of Excellence - Category 4 ($500)
Corporation - Category 5 ($1200)
Non-Profit / Government / Small Business - Category 6 ($100)
Student - Category 7 (Complimentary)
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Supporting Documentation

  • If you are applying for Membership Category 2,3,4, or 6, you must submit supporting documentation by U.S. mail indicating that you have met the criteria specified for your membership type. Mail your supporting documents to:

    American Obesity Treatment Association
    117 Anderson Ct.
    Suite 1
    Dothan Alabama 36303

  • Read the criteria in the Membership Categories section of the AOTA Membership web page. Your membership application will only be complete upon receipt of the necessary documentation.

      Check this box if you have read and agree to comply with the Supporting Documentation Statement. The AOTA reserves the right to reject or return incomplete applications.

  • Patient's Bill of Rights

    If applying to Categories 2 through 5, all providers of professional services to persons with obesity must agree to abide by the AOTA Patient's Bill of Rights.

      Check this box if you agree to abide by the AOA Patient's Bill of Rights.

    AOA's Online Professional Directory

    Members enrolling in Categories 2 through 5 (Professional Provider, Obesity Specialty Clinic, Center of Excellence and Corporation) are eligible to be listed in the AOTA Online Professional Provider Directory. The purpose of the directory is to help consumers find appropriate professional assistance.

      Check this box if you are eligible and want to be listed in AOTA's Online Professional Directory

    Members listed in the Directory who agree to abide by voluntary guidelines established by the Partnership for Healthy Weight Management will be identified as such. Read the guidelines on the Partnership's website: www.consumer.gov/weightloss/guidelines.htm.

      Check this box if you agree to abide by the Partnership's Voluntary Guidelines.


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    Application by U.S. Mail

    If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please print this page and include payment made to the American Obesity Association. Payment must be drawn on U.S. Banks in U.S. Currency. Mail application, any supporting documents and payment to:

    American Obesity Treatment Association
    7820 SW 196 Terrace
    Suite 300
    Miami Florida 33189