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Strategic Plans

The 2011-2014 year plan contains strategies and targets that will help the AOTA advance toward the outcomes needed to reach our mission. These outcomes will begin to transform the lives of all people with diabetes, their families and caregivers by
working to find cures, improving access to health care, increasing information/education
and protecting individuals’ rights. Our advocacy efforts will be integrated to
accomplish these outcomes.


Strategic Goals
All targets listed are for CY 2011.The following includes two strategic goals
that will be accomplished after reaching the outcomes stated in this plan:

1. The vast majority of those with or at risk for Obesity will understand the
seriousness and complications associated with this disease because of educational
and prevention programs that are easily accessible to them.

2. AOTA-led strategic alliances among healthcare nonprofit, commercial organizations will communicate the success of our research on Bio-Slender and Appetite control. This will create changes in health care delivery that enable people who are overweight and obesity to access the most effective treatments protocols.

Key Priorities

The following highlights what our organization must accomplish in order to advance the mission of the AOTA. These priorities will transform our programs, our revenue generation and the culture of our organization. We must develop and manage toward clear deliverables for each program.

1. The Association’s impact on people affected by obesity will increase by devoting resources to target programs will:

• Accelerate the development and translation of new methods to reach cures and/or new therapies
• Remove barriers that prevent access to quality health care and eliminate discrimination in the work place, schools and other entities.
• Enhance public awareness of the seriousness of obesity and the value of early detection and aggressive treatment

2 Establish and promote partnerships with organizations that have an interest in obesity maintain focus on  the creation and dissemination of obesity-related information.


3. The organization will significantly increase its annual net revenue by adding new strategies to revenue generation.

• Diversify the AOTA’s revenue sources by making donor development an organization-wide priority.
• Continue to grow market-based special events and develop product and market
• Focus on return on investment as a key criterion for revenue generating activities.


4. In order to achieve the above changes, the AOTA will transform its culture and become a world-class volunteer and staff organization. We will:

• Develop superior capabilities in staff and volunteers through emphasis on selection, retention, training, development, education and recognition.
• Increase the effectiveness of all staff and volunteers through better application of technology.
• Strive to have volunteers and staff who are reflective of the people we serve.
• Focus on achieving excellence in everything we do and hold staff and volunteers accountable for their responsibilities.

5. Establish a business plan for AOTA’s Medical centers.

• Set priorities for the medical centers.
• Establish funding percentages that will be dedicated to opening and operating the medical centers.



• Use the AOTA website and call center as the key vehicles to provide consistent, accurate, relevant, accessible and timely information; distribute educational material through the AOTA website
• Advocate for legislation that enhances proper physical activity  and nutrition and weight management, particularly in high risk populations.
• Provide new tools and resources that focus on nutrition and weight management
• Communicate advocacy successes and activities at Association events to attract new volunteers
• Increase awareness and education to Overweight /obese population and those with pre-diabetes about risks and seriousness of excess weight.
• Work with schools to incorporate better nutrition into school lunch programs, and physical education and physical activity into the curriculum.



• For people with diabetes, achieve 80%awareness about proper management
of obesity and cardiovascular health.
• Reduce percentage of people who are obese and don’t know what are related problems associated with the disease.
• Raise general population’s awareness of their own Body Mass Index (BMI)
or overweight/obesity status.
• Improve website to assure the timely sharing of new knowledge and information that can enhance communication between and among scientists and health care professionals.
• Increase by 25% the proportion of people who exercise at least 30 minutes, at least five days-a-week.
• Implement at least two major initiatives that have goals related toward improving the general health and wellness of communities.


• America has a greater understanding of the seriousness and risk of Obesity and a greater appreciation of the impact and value of proper nutrition and weight management
• Those with obesity have access to all the information they need and/or want to manage their obesity.
• Those with Obesity will know that they have a disease and learn about possible treatments to manage their diabetes and live well with the disease.
• Provide the primary care to the community with the medical care and treatment for obesity
• Be recognized by the public as America's partner for life in all ways related to the impact and treatment of  Obesity.
• Be recognized as the first contact for information following the diagnosis of diabetes.
• Build and enhance the AOTA’s brand.
• Diversify AOTA's revenue sources by making donor development an organization-wide priority.
• Create a profitable flagship special event that helps increase awareness of the AOTA and its messaging.
• Build and enhance the AOTA’s brand
• Utilize technology systems to: improve critical information gathering and information management for resource generation activities; enhance cultivation, recognition and
stewardship of donors and participants; and maximize marketing and fund raising.