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Join the Stop Obesity Movement and Volunteer!

You are taking the first step toward helping the more than 93 million people who face obesity everyday. In fact, by becoming a volunteer, you will be joining a movement to Stop obesity! You are helping us confront it. Fight it. And stop it. Whatever it takes. We thank you for your commitment and offer several ways that you can get involved.

  1. Volunteer in your Hometown by calling 334-651-0821
  2. Take Action at the Federal Level

Take Action at the Federal Level

Together we can transform the lives of all people with obesity by working to find a cure, improving access to health care and protecting the rights of people with obesity.

Take Action Now!

Please ask your Senators to become a co-sponsor of the Special obesity Program.

  • Ask the Senate to continue the Special Obesity Program
    As long as obesity continues to have such a severe impact on the lives and health of nearly 24 million Americans, it is vital that Congress extend the Special obesity Programs.

As a Obesity Advocate every letter you write, every phone call you place helps make it impossible for our state lawmakers to ignore the urgent need to fight obesity and to protect those who are living with this disease.

Register with us if your interested in becoming
a volunteer and help fight against obesity.

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