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Conservative treatments for obesity
There is a growing consensus as to the characteristics
of conservative treatments for
obesity. We will begin by describing these characteristics without attempting a precise
Conservative treatments for obesity
The expression “morbid obesity” was coined by Payne and DeWind in 1963 (J. J. Payne, personal communication) in order to persuade health insurance administrators that reimbursement for the cost of intestinal bypass surgery
Diet and leukocytes1,2
In this issue of the Journal, Erridge et al (1) cited work from
several laboratories on postprandial activation of blood leukocytes.
The evidence of leukocyte activation in
The concept of the metabolic syndrome, although controversial,
continues to gain acceptance. Whereas each risk factor of the metabolic
syndrome (visceral obesity, atherogenetic dyslipidemia, elevated
blood pressure, and dysglycemia) can be dealt
Increasing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among US
adults: 1988–1994 to 1999–2004
Protein, weight management, and satiety
Although any dietary or lifestyle change must be personalized, controlled energy
intake in association with a moderately elevated protein intake may
represent an effective and practical weight-loss strategy.